This course introduces participants to the basic concepts of, and business case for, sustainability requirements in supply chains. It reviews the different adjustments required of enterprises to achieve sustainability and touches upon the roles played by both sellers and buyers with regard to sustainable supply chains. Finally, it guides participants in the use of a practical tool (ITC’s Standards Map) to effectively approach voluntary sustainability standards.


Participants to this course should already have a basic understanding of voluntary sustainability standards (VSS), as well as the certification process to them. This material is covered in the SME Trade Academy course: "Introduction to Standards and Sustainability", which is available here:

Introduction to Standards and Sustainability

We recommend using the latest version of the Chrome or Safari browsers to ensure an optimal experience viewing the lectures.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Better assess the necessary adjustments and investments required to meet different sustainability requirements; and
  • Correctly apply the various modules of the Standards Map tool, with an emphasis on the completion of a self-assessment.


Participants who meet the course requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion issued in electronic format.

Lecture 1: Addressing Sustainability in Supply Chains
Lecture 2: Identifying, Scanning and Comparing Standards
Lecture 3: Conducting a Self-Assessment
Case Study Exercise