About US

Who we are and what we do:

The SME Trade Academy is a part of ITC. Our mission is to digitalize all of ITC’s group trainings, both online and in-person, in order to enhance them through the application of digital learning technologies. We work in partnership with ITC project managers, business support organizations, academic institutions and development agencies to build and deliver learning solutions to ITC’s beneficiaries in developing environments.

The SME Trade Academy provides interventions to meet the following needs:

Online training:

The Academy supports projects by building e-learning courses, entire curriculums, and virtual learning spaces for communities. We also provide support to ITC’s technical sections via virtual workshopping solutions to help teams reach beneficiaries remotely.

In-person and instructor-led training:

The Academy provides solutions for both digital and digitally-supported workshops.

Synchronous only
Asynchronous only
Digitally supported workshops
Digital workshops
Training of trainers
Virtual workshops
Learner & Content Management System (LCMS)

- Register events, dates, place, time etc.

- Register participants and results

- Course materials

- Content repository

- Certificate register

- Attendance register

- Course evaluations

- Course reports

We enhance ITC’s face-to-face training and advisory services by applying digital learning technologies. We work in partnership with ITC project managers, Business Support Organizations, private sector companies and content partners to deliver the courses and trainings in formats tailored for each specific target audience using different technologies.

Our public offering

The SME Trade Academy provides a public learning platform that contains over 100 free e-learning courses on export development, sustainability, trade support, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and market analysis. While our target audience mostly consists of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), mostly located in developing and least-developed countries, our training also reaches other relevant participants, such as government agencies, policymakers, members of international organizations, trade and investment support institutions (TISIs) and academia.

Diploma level education

The SME Trade Academy offers one-year Diploma Programmes in international trade at Levels III and IV to participants in selected countries in partnership with the United Kingdom’s Institute of Exports and International Trade (IOE&IT). The Academy also offers a one-year International Diploma in Supply Chain Management via a group of 30 network partners in Africa and Asia.

Our Partners