Become a Player in the Energy Transition

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This course introduces participants to the concept of the “energy transition”, defined as the two-pronged movement towards energy sustainability through a shift to renewable energy and a more efficient use of the energy already produced.

It begins by arguing for the importance of this energy transition given the challenges of climate change for human flourishing, and presents a variety of renewable energy solutions that could, and have, contributed to addressing these challenges.
It then moves on to contextualize the issues of the energy transition through various case studies spread out across a wide geographic area, from developed to developing countries.

Finally, it concludes by providing advice and presenting tips on becoming an effective player in this energy transition, including in terms of building effective connections with local and international networks interested in this same issue.

After having completed this course, participants will be able to:

Explain how to implement various solutions in the field, develop strategies for saving energy, use energy monitoring tools, and explore new energy technologies;
Reduce individual housing carbon footprint through analysis of energy sources and implementing adapted solutions;
Understand an energy context and local needs, self-educate, connect with international networks and like-minded individuals interested to play a role in the energy transition;
Build relationships with local suppliers of renewable energy.

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Participants who meet the course requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion issued in electronic format.


Module 1:
The Importance of Saving Energy and Moving to Alternate Energy Sources
Module 2:
Energy solutions and the future of energy
Module 3:
What can I do to become a player in the energy transition?
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English ‎(en)‎
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23, September 2024
Time required
4 hours over 2 weeks
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Free of charge
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Open for enrolment
Tutor Information

Raphael Dard

Marie Boutonnet

Loïc Rogard

sustainability energy transition energy carbon footprint renewable energy