Aimed at senior managers and technical representatives working for leather and leather product producers, this course is designed to showcase the essential standards and technical requirements for export into the major leather world markets. 

Beginning with a description of the importance of standards in the international leather business, it moves on to discuss the demands of major standards and technical requirements, including REACH and ZDHL. Finally, it concludes by presenting guidelines, control measures and testing procedures necessary to comply with these standards, thus helping leather and leather product producers prepare for certification. 

NOTE: We recommend using the latest version of the Chrome or Safari browsers to ensure an optimal experience viewing the lectures.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

Establish a consensus around the need to meet international leather production standards;
Understand the relevant standards and link their requirements to the leather production process; and
Determine actions to implement quality control measures to comply with standards and technical requirements such as REACH and ZDHL.
  • Lecture 1: The Importance of Standards in the International Leather Business
  • Lecture 2: Standards and Leather Production Methods
  • Lecture 3: The Leather Certification Process
  • Case Study Exercise
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