Rules of Origin for Malaysia and the ASEAN Region

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This 3-module course focuses on the concept of rules of origin (RoO) as they apply in the context of international trade and free trade agreements (FTAs), with a particular focus on Malaysia. It aims to provide a solid foundational  understanding of the critical importance of RoO in trade, the strategic considerations behind their negotiation, and the practical implications for businesses and trade policy.  

Module 1 introduces the foundational concepts of RoO, exploring their application in international trade for duties, statistical purposes, and policy measures. The module demystifies the complexities arising from global supply chains and the various criteria defining a product's origin. It also covers the significance of preferential RoO in free trade agreements, highlighting the importance of compliance for accessing trade preferences and the potential pitfalls of incorrect application.

In Module 2, we delve deeper into the design and implementation of Preferential RoO, crucial for securing trade benefits under Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and unilateral preference schemes. This module breaks down the categorisation of RoO, the criteria for substantial transformation, and the tailored RoO across different FTAs. The emphasis is on understanding the economic and policy implications of RoO, navigating their complexity, and the impacts on the business sector and economy.

Module 3 focuses on the intricate negotiation processes of preferential RoO in regional or bilateral trade agreements. It examines the technical, economic, and strategic considerations that shape the negotiation of RoO, including the balance of interests, market access, and the detailed crafting of product-specific rules. This module aims to equip learners with insights into the negotiation challenges and the tools available for simplifying rule compliance and verification procedures .

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

Assess the importance of rules of origin to international trade;
Apply the different rules of origin to determine the origin status of a given product; and
Reflect on the complexity and challenges of RoO negotiations.


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Participants who meet the course requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion issued in electronic format.


Module 1
Determining “Origin” in International and National Trade Law - Why is the Origin of a Product so Complex?
Module 2
Opportunities and Constraints of Preferential Rules of Origin
Module 3
Negotiating Rules of Origin
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