Has climate change affected your business? For example, by unusually heavy rains or prolonged drought? Or does it present new business opportunities to you? For example, developing new products?

If so, you have found the right course to strengthen your company’s climate resilience. This course introduces you to the basics of climate change, its causes and effects and explores why businesses need to address them.

It provides you with an introduction to Climate Expert Approach, developed by GIZ, which helps you to identify climate impacts, their effects on your business and supports you to develop the business case for climate adaptation measures. With the learnings from this course, you can formulate your company’s climate resilience strategy as well as an associated communication plan. Finally, the course will introduce you to the topic of green finance, with the aim to help you identify adequate sources of funding to implement climate adaptation measures

After having completed this course, participants will be able to:

Provide logical and concise arguments in favour of taking action to address climate change;
Evaluate the different impacts of climate change on your company and identify adequate climate adaptation measures to respond to these impacts;
Calculate the business case of different measures and decide how they should be integrated into your company’s climate resilience strategy and associated communication plan;
Identify adequate sources of green finance to fund the implementation of climate adaptation measures.
  • Module 1: Climate Change and Its Impact on Companies
  • Module 2: How Can Your Company Respond to Climate Change Impacts
  • Module 3: Developing and Communicating a Climate Resilience Strategy
  • Module 4: Accessing Green Finance
  • Case Study: Applying the Climate Expert Approach
climate change sme environmental services sustainability