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Did you know that ITC has a comprehensive programme working on Trade Facilitation?

ITC Facilitates Trade is an initiative of the International Trade Centre that helps unlock MSMEs potential by making borders inclusive and sustainable through trade facilitation.

If you want to know more, join us in making borders efficient, sustainable, and inclusive through trade facilitation!

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Upcoming courses on the SME Trade Academy in March 2024.


Introduction to the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

This course introduces participants to the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). It provides a comprehensive overview of the rights and obligations which it entails on the part of the member states, and laying out practical ways in which the private sector can support its implementation.

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Start date: 30, September 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

Workers checking solar batteries

Become a Player in the Energy Transition

This course provides practical knowledge and skills for implementing sustainable energy solutions, reducing carbon footprint, and building relationships with local and international networks and suppliers of renewable energy.

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Start date: 23, September 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

A woman looking at Africa hologram

Women and Procurement

This course highlights the important role played by women in the economy and showcases the need to improve the current situation of women-owned businesses by using government procurement.

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Start date: 13, October 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

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La Gestión de Clientes para OACIs

Este curso detalla el proceso de gestión de clientes para las Organizaciones de Apoyo al Comercio e Inversiones (OACI).

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Start date: 4, November 2024

Duration: 4 horas en 2 semanas

Small growing plant

Risk Management for Climate Change

With a focus on the agricultural sector, this course introduces businesses to both the physical and transition risks of climate change, and presents some strategies to help mitigate their impact on profitability and commercial operations.

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Start date: To be announced...

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

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Introduction to International Transport and Logistics

This course introduces small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to the basic transport and logistical requirements of export operations, including cross-border sea freight, air freight and packaging procedures.

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Start date: To be announced...

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

Becoming a Climate Resilient SME E-Learning course

Becoming a Climate Resilient SME

Has climate change affected your business? For example, by unusually heavy rains or prolonged drought? Or does it present new business opportunities to you? For example, developing new products? If so, you have found the right course to strengthen your company’s climate resilience.

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Start date: 28, October 2024

Duration: 6 hours over 2 weeks

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E-Commerce for SMEs: An Introduction for Policymakers

In the context of e-commerce’s increasing relevance in international trade, this joint course by ITC and Diplo Foundation is designed to help participants better understand the multifaceted concept of e-commerce, the opportunities it offers to SMEs, and the steps necessary to create an enabling environment.

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Start date: 16, September 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

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